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TABLE TOP DISPLAY CASE | HIGH QUALITY DISPLAY CASE FOR MODEL SHIP | Multi sizes and style available For Wholesale

TABLE TOP DISPLAY CASE | HIGH QUALITY DISPLAY CASE FOR MODEL SHIP | Multi sizes and style available For Wholesale


SKU P002
MOQ 6 Pieces
Custom-made/ bespoke
Customized logo
Customized packaging
Lead time
30 - 90 days 
High-graded wood such as Western red cedar from Canada, Mahogany, exotic woods from South America. No plastic parts!
Product dimension
L: 40 - W: 13.75 - H: 39.25 Inches
L: 101.6 - W: 34.9 - H: 99.7 Cm


1. Product description of TABLE TOP DISPLAY CASE 101cm long

A brief overview of the TABLE TOP DISPLAY CASE  and its unique features

This beautiful display case was made out of hard wood and painted in dark mahogany color. It has distinctive designs that add elegance and beauty when displayed in your home or office. It is 100% fully assembled and comes with Plexiglass panels on all sides. It features the curves on the sides of the case which enable it to accommodate models with wide yards. It is used to display all tall ship 36” expert levels such as HMS Victory 37” and USS Constitution 38”. This case is very effective when it comes to preventing dust particles as well as keeping your valuable tall ship looking new and protected at all time. It is a must have for model ship enthusiasts or passionate collectors.

This display case is packaged securely with thick foam layers inside a wooden crate and ship safely via trucking company. You can further save money and time when you purchase a tall ship model with the display case. This way we can pack the ship inside the display case and ship the entire package via trucking company.

What makes Our TABLE TOP DISPLAY CASE special

At Old Modern Handicraft, we specialize in using the highest quality materials that are second to none. That includes crystal clear, optical grade acrylic for top and side viewing and solid hardwoods for display bases and frames-never imitation veneers or laminates. 

We also offer acrylic display cases and custom-cut hardwood frames for oblong-shaped items, and anything else you value that requires protection and enhancement.

  • Handcrafted Excellence: Our model ship display case is 100% handcrafted using a blend of traditional techniques and modern technology, ensuring attention to detail and precision.
  • Premium Materials: We use only the highest quality materials, including solid hardwoods like rosewood, western red cedar, mahogany, and teak. No imitation veneers or laminates are used.
  • Museum-Quality Craftsmanship: Each display case undergoes hundreds of hours of hand craftsmanship to achieve museum-quality standards, guaranteeing authenticity and meticulousness.
  • Authentic Look: We prioritize authenticity by avoiding plastic parts, ensuring that your display case has an authentic and realistic appearance.
  • In-House Quality Control: Every display case for a model ship goes through rigorous in-house quality control measures before leaving our workshop, ensuring excellence and authenticity.
  • Secure Packaging: Our model ship displays for are protected during shipping with our wooden crate packaging, minimizing the risk of damage and ensuring safe storage.
  • Skilled Craftsmen: Our craftsmen possess years of experience and a true passion for their work, guaranteeing the highest level of quality and accuracy.

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    2. Elevate Your Model Ship Collection to Dazzling Heights with the Perfect Display Case

    As a collector, the thrill of amassing treasures is surpassed only by the joy of showcasing them. When it comes to your model ship collection, don't settle for a mere display case that fails to capture its true essence. Instead, embark on a quest to find the perfect vessel that reflects the value and significance of your prized fleet, whether for private admiration or public awe.

    Choosing the ideal display case should encompass more than just price considerations. It should be a testament to the importance of safeguarding your collection not only from the elements but from the relentless passage of time itself.

    Immerse your living room in an enchanting gallery of elegance and prestige, where natural light bathes your cherished model ships in a celestial glow. Watch as your valuable fleet takes center stage, captivating all who enter this ethereal realm of beauty and wonder natural light. But exposing the ship to direct sunlight will lead to quicker deterioration.

    3. Packaging of the TABLE TOP DISPLAY CASE

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