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SAN FELIPE LARGE WITH FLOOR DISPLAY CASE | Museum-quality | Fully Assembled Wooden Ship Models For Wholesale

SAN FELIPE LARGE WITH FLOOR DISPLAY CASE | Museum-quality | Fully Assembled Wooden Ship Models For Wholesale

Are you looking for a perfect display combination? Our San Felipe Large With Floor Display Case combo will sure to set your home or office apart!


 Dimension (inch) 40L x 13.75W x 69H Inches
Brand name  Old Modern Handicrafts 
Materials western red cedar, rosewood, and mahogany + metal
Model number T063B
MOQ 6 Pieces

The Model: This exclusive edition of the San Felipe model ship is one of a kind, marked with a special laser-cut hull serial number. Its beautiful ornaments make it stand out from other ships of its time. To capture its beauty, we've used the best exotic woods like rosewood, ebony, and mahogany, along with top-quality brass fittings, all crafted by skilled artisans over 200 hours.

The result is a stunning model with smooth wood surfaces and shiny brass fittings and cannons. Each deck is meticulously assembled from small wooden pieces, with decorative details like brass ornaments and figurines. The model even includes lifeboats, stairs, skylights, ship bells, and wheels. It comes with its original flag and sits on a sturdy wooden base with a metal nameplate, fully assembled and ready for display.

The Display Case: This beautiful floor display case with legs was made out of hardwood and painted in dark mahogany color. It has distinctive designs that add elegance and beauty when displayed in your home or office. It is 100% fully assembled and comes with plexiglass panels on all sides. It features the curves on the sides of the case which enable it to accommodate models with wide yards. This case is very effective when it comes to preventing dust particles as well as keeping your valuable tall ship looking new and protected at all time. It is a must-have for model ship enthusiasts or passionate collectors.

Purchase this combo and save now on both item and shipping cost.

Notes: Both items will be shipped safely together on a wood pallet via Ground freight. Minor assembly is required for the display case. Video instruction on how to put the model into the display case is available via YouTube.

The History of San Felipe Ship

Launched in 1690, the San Felipe was a striking Spanish galleon, revered throughout the 17th century. Leading the renowned Spanish Armada, she boasted a displacement exceeding 1000 tons and carried 96 cannons, making her a formidable force against rival navies.

During wartime conflicts with the British and French, the San Felipe played a vital role in defending Spanish territories, transporting treasures, and ensuring safe passages back to Spanish ports. In a fierce battle in 1705, she valiantly faced off against 35 British ships alongside 12 Spanish vessels. Despite her bravery, she was eventually captured by an English ship after enduring extensive damage. Sadly, she sank to the ocean floor, carrying with her several tons of gol

Product description


Our master craftsmen build scale replicas of any vessel including but not limited to tall ship, sailing yachts, cruiseship, speedboat to any size using integration technique of traditional to modern methods.

  • Material: high-grade wood such as: western red cedar, rosewood, and mahogany + metal only (no plastic parts)
  • Skill: best traditional real ship-making methods applied, hundreds of hours required to finish each model by our master craftsmen
  • Uniqueness: each ship is an “Exclusive Edition” where the model has a unique serial number etched into the hull


The San Felipe Model Ship with Floor Display Case comes securely packed in a wooden carton with cushioning for optimal protection during transit. Rest assured, we take every measure to ensure that your combo arrives in pristine condition, ready for display and decoration.

As a final step, each ship is carefully packed in sturdy wood, then placed in a protective carton box with cushioning. Additionally, we conduct drop tests to guarantee the safety of your package during shipping.

About Old Modern Handicrafts

At Old Modern Handicrafts, every ship holds a unique story, told with passion and skill. Our master craftsmen in Vietnam blend traditional shipbuilding methods with modern innovations to create each model by hand, ensuring authenticity and quality you can trust.

● Extensive research through original plans and pictures makes our models true to life.

● 100% hand-built from scratch, plank by plank.

● Hundreds of hours of work go into our museum-quality models.

● Made of quality wood such as western red cedar, mahogany, rosewood, teak, and more

● Chrome, brass, and cast metal fittings and ornaments add richness and verisimilitude

● Each model must pass a demanding quality control process before leaving the workshop and making its voyage to you.

At Old Modern Handicrafts, we offer ships from all eras and gladly create custom models. Reach out to us to share your story. If you're staying ashore, explore our nautical home decor, including vintage-style globes, magnifiers, telescopes, clocks, furniture, and more—all crafted with the same care and quality as our ships.

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