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PIRATE SHIP MODEL SHIP EXCLUSIVE EDITION | Museum-quality | Fully Assembled Wooden Ship Models For Wholesale

PIRATE SHIP MODEL SHIP EXCLUSIVE EDITION | Museum-quality | Fully Assembled Wooden Ship Models For Wholesale


SKU T194 
MOQ 6 Pieces
Custom-made/ bespoke
Customized logo
Customized packaging
Lead time
45 - 90 days
High-graded wood such as Western red cedar from Canada, exotic woods from South America. No plastic parts!
Product dimension
L: 37 - W: 11.5 - H: 32 Inches
L: 94 - W: 29.2 - H: 81.3 Cm
Pirate Ship is now available as a museum-quality, FULLY ASSEMBLED model.




1. Product description of Pirate Ship model ship 94cm long

A brief overview of the Pirate Ship model ship and its unique features

Display this FULLY ASSEMBLED infamous Pirate Ship in your home or office! This is an “Exclusive Edition” where the model has a unique serial number etched into the hull, which allows us to identify production date, material used and all other production information of a model.

Master craftsmen using historical photographs, drawings or original plans meticulously handcraft these highly detailed wood models from scratch. They are built to scale with high-grade wood such as: western red cedar, rosewood, and mahogany. They are 100% hand built individually using plank-on-frame construction method and are similar to the building of actual ships. Each model requires hundreds of hours to finish and must go through a demanding quality control process before leaving the workshop.

This outlaw Pirate Ship model features plank on frame, three decks, and one row of ferocious cannons on each sides of the hull. A unique bowsprit lay out with a bold black bull’s head and crafted metal panels coated in gold color. The front bowsprit and two large masts are connected securely using advanced rigging and lines painstakingly knotted and fastened by hand. Each yard has an attached hand-stitched unfurled sails made of fine linen. Metal anchors and a wooden rudder are visible on the front and rear of the ship. On the deck, there are metal stationed cannons, authentic hand-built lifeboats with ribs and planks, metal pirate statues, wooden cabin, wooden barrels, metal steering wheel, and many other spectacular ornaments. There is also an exquisite detailed admiral’s quarter on the stern with beautiful handcrafted metal lanterns, statues and ornaments.

This model comes standard with a solid wood base and brass nameplate. It’ll make a perfect gift for home or office decorator, boat enthusiast or passionate collector.

What makes Our Pirate Ship Model Tall Ship Model

Pirate Ship in our Tall Ship Model collection is a true work of art, made with the utmost care and attention to detail. Whether you're a collector or simply an admirer of fine craftsmanship, you can be confident in the quality of our models.

  •       100% handcrafted using traditional techniques and modern technology
  •       Made from high-quality wood such as rosewood, western red cedar, mahogany, teak, etc. 
  •       Hundreds of hours of hand craftsmanship to complete a model at museum quality, ensuring attention to detail and precision
  •       No plastic parts are used in order to ensure authenticity and an authentic look
  •       Each model goes through demanding in-house quality control before leaving the workshop, ensuring excellence and authenticity
  •     Protective packaging with a wooden crate for safe shipping, close-to-zero damage, and storage
  •       Skillful craftsmen have years of experience and a passion for their work, ensuring quality and accuracy.

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2. The History of the Pirate Ship Model Ship

One of the most popular ships among pirates was the Brigantine. It had a square-rigged foremast and fore-and-aft sails attached to the main mast, allowing it quick maneuverability while maintaining twice the cargo space of a sloop. On average, a brigantine held as many as 100 pirates and was decked with cannons.

The great or classic era of piracy in the Caribbean extends from around 1560 up until the mid-1720s. The period during which pirates were most successful was from 1700 until the 1730s. Many pirates came to the Caribbean after the end of the War of the Spanish Succession, staying in the Caribbean and becoming pirates.

3. How to Display and Decorate the Pirate Ship Model Ship

Our Pirate Ship ship model product is a great addition to any room as it adds elegance, sophistication, and a touch of maritime history. It's suitable for display in homes, offices, or museums and is a perfect gift for enthusiasts and history buffs. The model is crafted with high-quality materials and combines beauty, accuracy, and craftsmanship to create a stunning piece of art. Whether you're an admirer of maritime history or simply appreciate beautiful and intricate works of art, the Pirate Ship model ship is a must-have piece for your antique collection.

4. Packaging of the Pirate Ship Model Ship


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