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ITALY SPEEDBOAT RIVARAMA MODEL BOAT | Museum-quality | Fully Assembled Wooden Model boats For Wholesale

ITALY SPEEDBOAT RIVARAMA MODEL BOAT | Museum-quality | Fully Assembled Wooden Model boats For Wholesale


SKU B094
MOQ 5 Pieces
Custom-made/ bespoke
Customized logo
Customized packaging
Lead time
45 - 90 days
High-graded wood such as Western red cedar from Canada, exotic woods from South America. No plastic parts!
Product dimension
L: 37 - W: 10.5 - H: 11 Inches 
L: 101 - W: 36 - H: 34 Cm

Italy Speedboat Rivarama Model is available as a FULLY ASSEMBLED model ready to be proudly displayed as a piece of history.




1. Product description of Italy Speedboat Rivarama Model

A brief overview of the Italy Speedboat Rivarama Model and its unique features

Riva Rivarama, crowning glory of Italian speedboats, returns to glorious life in our exclusive model. Handmade with virtuosic skill by master craftsmen, the model is luxury itself. The hull is constructed using a plank on frame method, with each strip of quality wood joined together to form a streamlined appearance. A palette of cream with gold and silver accents extends throughout the body of the boat. Fine detail is evident at every level in features like the steering wheel, navigation gauges, metal railings, clear windshield with metal frames, and deck fittings. A gold plaque bearing the name of Riva Rivarama completes the picture of high style and joie de vivre. Dimensions are 37 x 10.5 x 11 inches.

What makes Our Italy Speedboat Rivarama Model special

Italy Speedboat Rivarama Model in our Speedboats Model collection is a true work of art, made with the utmost care and attention to detail. Whether you're a collector or simply an admirer of fine craftsmanship, you can be confident in the quality of our models.

  •       100% handcrafted using traditional techniques and modern technology
  •       Made from high-quality wood such as rosewood, western red cedar, mahogany, teak, etc. 
  •       Hundreds of hours of hand craftsmanship to complete a model at museum quality, ensuring attention to detail and precision
  •       No plastic parts are used in order to ensure authenticity and an authentic look
  •       Each model goes through demanding in-house quality control before leaving the workshop, ensuring excellence and authenticity
  •     Protective packaging with a wooden crate for safe shipping, close-to-zero damage, and storage
  •       Skillful craftsmen have years of experience and a passion for their work, ensuring quality and accuracy.

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2. The History of the Italy Speedboat Rivarama Model

The name of Riva is synonymous with elegance, class, and premier European craftsmanship. Carlo Riva, Italian motorboat designer par excellence, was a legend of the 1950s. His wooden speed boats were renowned for their beauty, comfort, and quality of construction from the finest precious woods. In his time, his famous clientele included the Shah of Iran, Sophia Loren, Brigitte Bardot, and all manner of royalty, movie stars, and business magnates. Our Riva Rivarama takes inspiration from Riva’s greatest creation and flagship of his life, the Riva Aquarama. The spirit, style, and superior quality of Aquarama finds its truest incarnation in Riva Rivarama, a tribute to fine Italian design that can be yours today.

3. How to Display and Decorate the Italy Speedboat Rivarama Model

Our Italy Speedboat Rivarama Model is crafted with high-quality materials and combines beauty, accuracy, and craftsmanship to create a stunning piece of art. Whether you're an admirer of maritime history or simply appreciate beautiful and intricate works of art, the Italy Speedboat Rivarama Model is a must-have piece for your antique collection. This product is an excellent addition to any room as it adds elegance, sophistication, and a touch of maritime history. It's suitable for display in homes, offices, or museums and is a perfect gift for enthusiasts and history buffs.  

4. Packaging of the Italy Speedboat Rivarama Model

This image includes how to packaging the speedboats models such as Riva aquarama, riva rama chris crafts runabout, dixie, riva triton, triple cockpit , cobra

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