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CSS VIRGINIA MODEL BOAT | Museum-quality | Fully Assembled Wooden Model boats For Wholesale

CSS VIRGINIA MODEL BOAT | Museum-quality | Fully Assembled Wooden Model boats For Wholesale


SKU B200
High-graded wood such as Western red cedar 
Product dimension
L: 28 - W: 7 - H: 9 Inches
L: 72 - W: 17.8 - H: 22.9 Cm
CSS VIRGINIA MODEL BOAT is now available as a museum-quality, FULLY ASSEMBLED model.


Custom-made/ bespoke
Customized logo 
Customized packaging
MOQ 8 pieces
Lead time 45 - 90 days
Certification FSC

1. A brief overview of CSS VIRGINIA MODEL BOAT

In the crucible of the Civil War's 1862 conflict, the Confederate ironclad vessel, C.S.S. Virginia, etched its name in history during the Battle of Hampton Roads. Now, this iconic piece of history is meticulously recreated as a fully assembled model, capturing the essence of a bygone era.

Crafted by renowned artisans drawing inspiration from historical photographs, each model is a testament to extraordinary craftsmanship. High-grade woods such as western red cedar, rosewood, and mahogany, combined with the plank-on-frame method, mirror the construction techniques of actual ships, resulting in a museum-quality replica.

This "Exclusive Edition" features a laser-cut serial number, ensuring uniqueness and authenticity. With meticulous attention to detail, the model faithfully mirrors the original ship's features and colors, proudly displayed on a black solid wood base with a brass nameplate. A thoughtful gift, it graces spaces with historical charm.


Our CSS Virginia Model Boat is a pinnacle in our Speedboats Model collection, epitomizing a masterpiece crafted with unmatched care and precision. Whether you're a dedicated collector or someone who values exquisite craftsmanship, our models guarantee a standard of quality that instills confidence.

  • 100% handcrafted using traditional techniques and modern technology
  • Made from high-quality wood like rosewood, western red cedar, mahogany, and teak
  • Hundreds of hours of meticulous hand craftsmanship for museum-quality precision
  • Authenticity maintained with no plastic parts used
  • In-house quality control ensures excellence and authenticity
  • Protective packaging with a wooden crate for secure shipping and storage

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    2. The History of the CSS VIRGINIA MODEL BOAT

    The CSS Virginia, a Confederate ironclad warship, played a pivotal role in naval history during the American Civil War. Originally a scuttled Union steam frigate named the USS Merrimack, it underwent a transformation at the Gosport Navy Yard in Portsmouth, Virginia, and emerged as the CSS Virginia. In March 1862, the CSS Virginia engaged in the Battle of Hampton Roads, marking the world's first clash between ironclad warships as it faced off against the Union's USS Monitor. Although the battle ended inconclusively, it demonstrated the formidable capabilities of ironclads and revolutionized naval warfare. The CSS Virginia's impact on maritime history persists, serving as a symbol of technological innovation and the ushering in of a new era in naval design. Eventually scuttled to prevent capture by Union forces in May 1862, the ship's legacy endures through its historic role in shaping the course of naval warfare.

    The CSS VIRGINIA MODEL SHIP comes in fully assemble and ready to display 

    Transition into the realm of display and decoration with our CSS Virginia Model Boat. A fusion of beauty, precision, and artistry, this model seamlessly blends into any space, elevating the ambiance with maritime heritage. Versatile in charm, it finds a home in residences, offices, and museums, radiating elegance and sophistication.

    This model transcends being a mere artifact, becoming an indispensable addition to antique collections. An ideal gift for enthusiasts and history aficionados, it encapsulates the essence of naval history with unparalleled grace.

    3. Packaging of the CSS VIRGINIA MODEL BOAT


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