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Black Pearl Pirate Ship Midsize With Display Case Front Open

Black Pearl Pirate Ship Midsize With Display Case Front Open

Are you looking for a perfect display combination? Black Pearl Pirate Ship 28” model and front open display case combo will sure to set your home or office apart!


High-graded wood such as Western red cedar + metal
Product dimension
L: 35.4 - W: 13.5 - H: 29.5 Inches
L: 90 - W: 34.3 - H: 75 Cm
Black Pearl Pirate Ship Midsize With Display Case Front Open is now available as a museum-quality, FULLY ASSEMBLED model.


Custom-made/ bespoke
Customized logo
Customized packaging
MOQ 8 pieces
Lead time 45 - 90 days



1. Overview of the Black Pearl Pirate Ship Midsize With Display Case Front Open

Want a cool display for your space? Check out the Black Pearl Pirate Ship 28 inches model with a front-open display case combo – a unique touch for your home or office!

Calling all Pirates of the Caribbean movie fans! Get this awesome FULLY ASSEMBLED wooden model of Captain Jack Sparrow’s Black Pearl pirate ship. In the movies, it outpaces other ships, like the Interceptor and the Flying Dutchman, thanks to its many sails. This famous Black Pearl model is all black, with three decks, metal cannons on each side, and cool details like a pirate flag. It's handcrafted with care, featuring hand-stitched sails, metal anchors, and a wooden rudder. This "Exclusive Edition" has a unique serial number, and it comes with a solid wood base and brass nameplate – a perfect gift for home or office decorators, boat enthusiasts, or collectors.

Our beautiful display case is made of hardwood, painted in a dark mahogany color, and comes fully assembled. It adds elegance to your space with distinctive designs. The plexiglass panels on all sides let you show off your ship, and the front-open door makes it easy to move your model in and out. This case is super effective at keeping dust away and ensuring your valuable tall ship stays looking new and protected. A must-have for model ship enthusiasts and collectors alike!

Key features of Black Pearl Pirate Ship Midsize With Display Case Front Open

  • Dimensions: 35.4L x 13.5W x 29.5H inches 
  • Building Method: "Plank-on-frame"
  • Materials: red cedar, rosewood, and mahogany
  • Appearance: Clear varnish
  • Details: Wooden bowsprit, foremast, mainmast, mizzen mast
  • Environmental Commitment: No plastic components

Packaging: Wooden crate with master carton box (2 packages) 


2. History of the Black Pearl Pirate Ship Midsize With Display Case Front Open

The Black Pearl, originally known as the Wicked Wench, is a legendary ship featured in Pirates of the Caribbean. With its iconic black hull and sails, the Black Pearl is highlighted in the script for its unique appearance, proving advantageous in various ways. The black sails not only serve as an intimidation tactic but also enable the crew to extinguish deck lamps, enhancing stealth during nighttime operations.

Initially named the Wicked Wench, the ship faced imminent destruction by Lord Beckett but experienced a remarkable revival from the sea floor, courtesy of a pact with Jack Sparrow and Davy Jones. Jack Sparrow, in a strategic move, renamed it the Black Pearl. This renowned ship, celebrated as "nigh uncatchable," effortlessly outpaces or evades others in the films, including the Interceptor and the Flying Dutchman. 

Its extraordinary speed is attributed to the multitude of sails it carries, as acknowledged in At World's End as the only ship capable of outrunning the Flying Dutchman. For enthusiasts and collectors of sailing boat models, the Black Pearl's storied history and distinctive features make it a captivating addition to wood display cases, especially those with a tall front-open design tailored for model ships.

      3. Packaging of the Black Pearl Pirate Ship Midsize With Display Case Front Open

      This BLACK PEARL PIRATE SHIP MEDIUM is packed full lengths in a wooden carton with cushions to maximize protection. As one of the world's largest model ship builder, we ensure that this pirate ship model arrives perfectly for display and decoration.

      In this final important step, this ship is packed in a sturdy wood and then in a nice carton box with cushion for maximum protection. We also perform a drop test to make sure the package is safe in shipping.


      Show your superior model ships collection to the world with our display cases.Check it out!

      Own the Black Pearl Pirate Ship Midsize With Display Case Front Open today!  

      Discover the allure of the Black Pearl Pirate Ship Midsize, now accompanied by a stylish Display Case with a Front-Open design. This intricately crafted ship model, capturing the essence of the legendary vessel, is a must-have for enthusiasts of scale ship models. The accompanying Display Case enhances its charm, providing an elegant setting for showcasing this iconic ship. 

      Elevate your collection with our Ship Model Display Cases, designed to display ships like the Black Pearl in all their maritime glory. Make a statement with the perfect Model Boat Display Case, ensuring your prized possessions are presented with sophistication and pride. Don't miss out on this opportunity to add a touch of nautical elegance to your space – order your Black Pearl Pirate Ship Midsize with Display Case Front Open today!

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