OMH models are all handcrafted by skillful and experienced craftsmen. They are built to scale according to the original plans or pictures of the actual ship using unique "plank on frame" or "plank on bulk head" construction method. Our wooden handicrafts products are built to scale and accurately represent the plan, with a key focus on the keel as a crucial component.

How are the ships measured?

All products from OMH are measured in maximum display dimension as illustrated in the below picture.



At OMH, we put the beauty of each model first, so we use the highest quality of wood that are either locally available or from imported source such as rose wood, ebony, mahogany, teak, western cedar… Fine lumbers are seasoned and kiln-dried to the appropriate humidity level under 10% before they are used to ensure the products meet the highest standard of quality.

Timing of Production?

It takes about two hundred hours to complete a model. New models or custom built models require longer time. Each order usually take 1 to 3 months to complete. It's always a good idea to submit your order early and give us plenty of time to finish the job with the highest quality outcome.

Terms of payment?

The standard payment is through wire transfer. 50% deposit is due at time of order and the balance is payable before shipment dispatch.

We do accept payment by bank transfer or Paypal in local and global.

Shipping cost?

It depends on your location. However we can help you to check the shipping cost. Just easy to give me your information here.

Packaging method?

All of our wooden scale model ship models are 100% hand built from scratch using the “plank on frame” construction method and fully assembled and ready to ship. Therefore, the ships will be packed in a sturdy wood crate and then in a nice carton box with cushion for maximum protection. We also perform a drop test to make sure the package is safe in shipping.

Where is our factory?

Our factory is located in Dong Nai Province, Vietnam. We do have a showroom in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. If you would like to visit our showroom, please contact us. 

Display case?

Display cases are highly recommended to protect models and increase their value. We do have various of display cases suitable for each of models that can protect your favorite items from damage and dirty.

How to reporting damaged or defective goods?

OMH is only responsible for damaged or defective goods due to production error and it must be reported to us within 30 days of shipment arrival at your destination. Please follow carefully the instruction below to report any issues to us in a timely manner.

Please inspect your goods within 30 days of shipment arrival at your destination and report to us when there are any damaged or defective goods. Please forward the following information to omh@omhvn.com no later than the timeline above:

* Invoice number/ Customer name

* Item number, item name, item serial number, quantity

* Reasons for return

* Photos or damages/defects (required)

* Description of damages/defects (required)

Once we assess the issues, the following options might be applied:

When the damages or defects were due to production errors and deemed fixable, OMH will send parts for customers to repair the products. This service is free if problems are reported within the first 30 days of shipment arrival.

From day 31 to 90 from the shipment arrival, if you find any damages or defects due to production errors (include missing parts), we will provide the parts for free and you will be responsible for the freight cost.

In some cases such as container order, we include extra parts in the shipment for you to repair any items that may have minor issues during transportation.

When the damages are deemed not fixable, OMH will either ship out a new replacement or issue a factory credit for the cost of the items.

Freight cost and all other shipping costs are non refundable in any case.

OMH is not responsible for any damages caused by transportation beyond the FOB point.

OMH is not responsible for any issues of the products beyond the 90 days of shipment arrival at your destination.

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