this images includes half hull models such as Ferrary half hull, Endeavor half hull, speedbaot half bull, shamrock half hull, yachts model half hull

Discover Truly Pieces of Amazing Way to Decorate Your House with Half-Hull Model Collection

Carved half-hull scale models were used in lieu of blueprints for centuries. They were physical representations of what a new design would look like, a model for the customer to handle and inspect, and a vital source of the various measurements and shapes the shipwrights needed to build a full scale version.

Museum quality and Unique design

At our Old Modern Handicrafts, we pride ourselves on producing the finest half-hull model ships in the field. Each of our handcrafted ship models is hand-crafted by the craftsman, right from the design stage to the finishing touches, to create museum-quality boats that can be seen as a work of art historic and modern. The half-hull model ships are also created using the main high-quality materials, such as red cedar, mahogany, and chrome accents, to give them an authentic look and feel.

Old Modern Handicrafts believes that you will not be able to help but appreciate our half-hull model ships for its aesthetic beauty and luxury as well as its quality. These half hull models are created with realistic and realistic designs based on famous boats and ships from both history and modern times. Each half-hull item is designed with high precision to be able to depict the original boats as much as possible and become the best replica. The half-hull items are also created using high-quality trims, such as red cedar, mahogany, and chrome accents, to give them an authentic look and feel.

Brilliant Ideas To Decorate Your Room With Wooden Half-hull Model Ships, Boats And Nauticas

There’s always room to add more flare and creativity to your room and make them look all the more aesthetically consistent and pleasing. And what better way to do that than to use wooden Nautica decor? From Wooden Half-hull models of Ships to Boats, and other Nautica decor – there’s a range of options to be explored. 


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